A good Swiss vintage watch is a treasured item in any stylish person’s wardrobe. They can help make a real statement.

Of course, you can always buy a new one (we sell the amazing, yet affordable Mecchaniche Veneziane range – visit our Edmonton store and see the range) but considering the varying trends and people’s changing tastes and preferences, one can easily purchase a classic vintage watch at an affordable price when you bear in mind quality and the length of time it may be owned.


However, it’s not just about boosting purchasing power. “You can find an individual, unique timepiece that’s rarely available,” says Laura Warrilow, Watches of Switzerland’s head of pre-owned watches, adding to your personal style.

Now, going to the pre-owned market can be a great idea, but has its own dangers. One should know how to source the right watch, knowing that it is a quality piece and worthy of the investment. By this we mean does the watch contain original or manufacturer’s approved parts – or has it been cobbled together with inappropriate or sub-standard parts?

It’s important to make sure the watch is original or at least using approved aftermarket parts. Every watch we sell here at Azurys has had the timing inspected and meets our high-standards.

But rather than buying a new mechanical watch, which can often be ‘old technology’ in the modern world, buying a vintage classic can be a much more sound and suave approach. A new Rolex or other major brand are great- but can be very costly.

Going for that vintage watch represents a huge potential saving without the loss of quality and gives one the chance to add the perfect, style-suiting item. For a lot of watch buyers, going for a vintage Swiss watch helps them make a personal style statement.

For instance buying a pre-owned vintage means that one can get the classic charm of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s not necessarily found in today’s modern timepieces.

You can buy great Swiss brands like Omega and Rolex, creating the opportunity to save thousands by securing a pre-owned vintage.

Additionally, going pre-owned vintage allows for greater choice (as so many models have been produced) allowing you to find the ‘perfect for you’ classic – helping those look elegant and stylish, regardless of wrist size.

Buyer Beware

You should always be mindful of the fact that there are sellers who may be less than honest in the pre-owned watch market. Using an online auction service does not always guarantee you’re buying a decent watch – working properly and ready to serve you for years to come.


It’s best to consider all items as un-worthy until you are very sure that it is original, or well maintained and ready to last a very long time.This is where brick-and-mortar stores are really helpful as they offer sensible warranties. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars in a vintage timepiece – you want to make sure it’s a solid watch. You can see the watch, try it on and in our case, talk with our Master Jeweller about it. We’re in Scotia Place, Edmonton.Buying at auctions is not always reliable as sellers can ‘create’ watches from various spare parts. These watches can be ‘slapped together’ with various parts and basic craftsmanship and only when you send what you think is a purchased $100,000 ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona to be serviced, you get to know that the watch isn’t quite what you were expecting when you bought it.In order to be sure that your purchase is original, always look for a watch with an original box and supporting documents along with any recent service receipts by the maker or authorized service centers. However, if you feel there is any discrepancy then its best to look for another model with the requisite authenticity proofs. Trust your instincts when it comes to buying the right watch for yourself.

At Azurys you’re certain to be purchasing a quality timepiece.

When you do end up buying a pre-owned vintage Swiss watch, remember to get it serviced at a reputable dealer – like our Swiss Service Centre. Also, you should treat your vintage watch carefully – especially noting that some watches may lose their shock-resistance and waterproof abilities. Best to get them tested.


Here’s a helpful photo that explains all the different parts of a watch:


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