Think outside the box with a great activity and give them something inside the box to make a Forever Memory this Valentine’s Day

Here’s a helpful guide to how you can make Valentine’s Day 2019 really special…your partner will soooo appreciate it – trust us.

The most popular gifts to give are of course:

  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Lingerie
  • A lovely dinner at a special restaurant
  • Or another kind of romantic event


But be careful not to leave it too late – reservations or theatre tickets are likely to be harder to get than normal. Reservations at restaurants, especially the most romantic and special ones should be made well in advance of Valentine’s Day


However, if your partner really means a lot to you – and you want to show it – jewellery or a fine watch really sends a special message. It’s not just a gift, it’s a gift that lasts forever.




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A Swiss made watch

And if it’s watch you’re thinking about giving but not sure which brand or type is the way to go… then here’s another helpful guide…



Swiss Watch Type Buying Advice



Thinking about proposing?

February 14th is also a great day for all Canada’s romantic guys to propose! It’s not considered corny as some might think – a well thought-out and executed proposal is something that will create a special memory that lasts forever! If proposing is something you have in mind, then we’ve prepared a little guide that helps explain about the different types of engagement rings.



Engagement Ring Guide



We’re here to help and advice to make sure you choose the perfect gift, so why not book a personalized visit with our Master Jeweller ?

Things to do on the day, or night, or both:


  • A great place to eat
  • A fine hotel (why not try a day spa?)
  • Art galleries or a museum
  • If you can make it to Banff – why not try High Tea at one of the historic railway hotels.
  • Are you an outdoor couple? If being outside and something adventurous is your thing then perhaps:
  • Snow shoeing, a bungee jump
  • Skating


Etc. – you get the idea.


Whatever you end up doing, good luck and have a super day and evening!

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